I saw a UFO with my Brother, 45 years ago, a lonely country road in Michigan, walking at night with a friend back to a lake house.
(Don’t see that every day)!

It appeared silently, suddenly, blindingly bright white light, absolutely no noise.

It traveled about 30 mph, 200 ft off the ground, 200 feet away. It didn’t acknowledge us, we hid in the ditch, frightening and very close- then gone.

Much Later in life, a traveling companions’ mother in Scotland, told me she saw a UFO -in broad daylight from her backyard, she called other family members out to see it.

Mrs. Muir was the most every day, totally sober, middle aged woman you would ever hope to meet. Multiple objects traveled in unison, merged and went straight up, out of sight, in total silence, at immense speed.
(Oh well…SO-what’s for dinner Mum)?

People wonder- why so little “actual” contact? – all these commercial and military pilots… (actual videos)!

Back in 1947, during a severe thunderstorm over Roswell New Mexico, it seems some extra terrestrials crashed in the desert. (OOPs-right on 51)

Probably not mankind’s finest moment, that first encounter is reported to have been soldiers sent out to RECON the middle of nowhere and report back.

At least one of the surviving aliens was said to have been bludgeoned to death with rifle butts- (welcome to planet earth M– F’er).

Picture a frightened, armed, young soldier meeting an unknown life form, things probably went south faster than you could say-TOP SECRET, NEVER SAY A WORD, and “do you understand me soldier?”

Next noteworthy abduction was 1974 in Pascagoula Mississippi- read that one for yourself, and tell me if you think these people, from that town could have (in 10 billion light years) made this story up.

So, space travelers keep their distance, avoid sever weather, and don’t stop in often to shoot the breeze with locals- (big surprise, right)?

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Signed: Glenn Jones