media failure

A Media failure.

Swamped by a 24-hour news cycle, Americans are bombarded with phony publicity stunts from the likes of- Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Gerrymandering, voter suppression, and systemic racism is what she ACTUALLY peddles-everything else is just PROUD BOY outreach.

Sound bites don’t present her bigger, filthy picture, because (without blinking) our media consumes whatever spoil she throws out. Same manure-different day.

Greene got plenty of “red neck mileage” -comparing mask mandates to the holocaust, she loves insulting everyone who isn’t a WHITE NATIONALIST- lynch mob Bubba.

The Liberal media should provide actual service with “granular” documentaries about rotten political failures- perpetually talking UNTRUTHS into Fox news microphones.

Greene has never visited the Holocaust Museum in DC, she couldn’t find “tact” with a map.

Greene would happily lead a cross burning at stone mountain celebrating the confederacy.

Another GOP moron promoting fascist crap -live on TV… MAGA’s policy of Qanon intelligence deprivation.

America needs- (a precise) documentary revealing “Greene wannabes”- who they are- how could she even become a US Congresswoman? who pays their sordid way?

Let’s start this NEWSWORTHY Turdbomb series with Trump Inc.- a rotten, privileged life of grift, fraud, money laundering, crooked enterprises, failed Universities, hate, incitement, lies, insurrection and war on our Republic.

The media should present GOP idiots in (their own) awful words and deeds.

After watching a full reporting- nobody will see hero’s- only zeros.

Zero genuine leadership or patriotism. Embarrassing to watch perhaps… but start somewhere!

Start at the bottom.

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Signed: Glenn Jones