Tulsa, Jerry Springer Qanon

Play station Code breakers (with 23% certainty) determined Jerry Springer is Qanon!

Margorie Taylor Greene was on Jerry’s show back in the 80’s, she spoke in tongues, summoning the Ghosts of civil war relatives, she busted a chair over the head of an incredibly old black person.

One of the survivors of the Tulsa race riots, was recounting (as a little girl) her memories- innocent relatives and neighbors being slaughtered by wild-eyed white church folks of Tulsa.

MGT was screaming at this poor lady “FAKE NEWS-you are a fake black person” and there was Jerry Springer- (Qanon himself)- holding Greene’s stretch latex jumpsuit back… from her attempted homicide.
JS said – “back after this commercial break.
Everyone gets a participation trophy!”

It’s all entertainment until someone loses an eye, right?

MTG goes on to become a Millionaire, Congresswoman, monster truck racist card driver, and that old black Woman gets an expired coupon book for Denny’s.

The stage guys gave Mrs. Old Person a bandage for her bleeding head and thanked her for vividly recounting her horrified childhood.

Yes- The Oklahoma Air National Guard actually bombed an American City (from biplanes with turpentine bombs)- 100 years ago.

The US Air Force helped torch Greenwood citizens to oblivion!

Then… Suddenly!… Tulsa (BURNT BLEACHED WHITE) was acceptable- for insane, racist, Congressed Divas like -Failure Spleen!

Thank you, Jerry Qanon, thank you Margorie Taylor War hammer, thanks’ MAGA- for rekindling Civil war lynch mob fashions-


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Signed: Glenn Jones