trump coins are here!

January 06, 2021, commerative coins are here.

Trump Presidential merchandising and Ginsu knife maker (of Wuhan China) proudly presents an unlimited edition of commercially minted pot metal, (behold the runny gold spray painted details).

Celebrating our MAGA INNSERECTION-these treasured coins can be yours for only $666.99 (each)

Although (Smaller than pictured) they are CERTIFIED as truly GREAT by 45.5 his-self.

The highest level of merchandising- (exclusively licensed hairlooms) by Ivanka & gaudy Jewelry Inc. (an international VIP must have)

Not available in stores, so…relax and enjoy easy automatic monthly payments- DIRECTLY FROM YOUR OWN BANK ACCOUNT.

Rigged exactly as our campaign financing, overseen with “real authority” by Dewy, Cheetham & Howe election auditing of Arizona.

Precious moments of treason have been carefully recast in everlasting – “fascistCrapnium”

Strip mined (at select landfills by nonunion labor) near NEW YORK CITY!

Don’t mistake these coins for crypto currency or “actual money”- Its deemed “priceless” (and decidedly way better), Soon to replace all PHONY world currency- it’s thee- PLATNIUM STANDARD of pot metal technology.
(8 star exallance AWARD)

Qanon approved “Trumpbullion” (as seen on TV) relives each historic moment- “Trump’s call to treason”
his tin dictator speech (and cowardly retweet to the white house), hater march, and finally- his murderous Nazi attack on our nation’s Capital.

BUT WAIT there’s more…

if you order today, we will include actual wood slivers from the hangin gallows built on our Capital steps plus one genuine shard of broken glass swept from America’s Capitol rotunda.

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Signed: Glenn Jones