Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Every time I see AOC being interviewed; I realize why Fox News Republicans can’t stand her.

Well spoken, interested in people, speaking truth to power she calls out hypocrites (even in her own party) – obviously, a HUGE threat to Tucker Carlson’s world disorder.

To me…AOC seems helpful and considerate, neither a tempest in a tea pot or a Qanon stowaway.

AOC is also a terrific “role” model for young people, what many parents hope their Kids become – patriots working for improvements.

Last gasp Republicans steal what can’t be won fairly – meaning every election already decided.

Mitch is a cavity of fortune for billionaires while MTG carpet bags racism for the unwashed masses- covering almost everything – like truth decay.

Mitch McConnell’s biography is like touring a morgue. Not a single living thing, nurtured on behalf of American Families.

A crooked wife and crooked life, his skeletal palm “ever ready” for greasing – enough to swab a Navy.

No lifeboats for passengers and crew, no signal flares of hope, just a be speckled Kentucky pirate – smashing gold out of retiree’s jaw bones for upper deck entitlement class.

BATTLE STATIONS – Margorie Taylor Green!…unfortunately – her only course – is discourse.
MTG goes wherever racist winds blow – no Tact, no map – no clue. Mission accomplished – no survivors!

Mitch and MTG hoist PIRATE flags as “roll” models for CROOKED POLITICS.

Stealing dough, buttering their own bread, basking in the slime light.

Neoconservatives can’t lead, follow or get out of our way.

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Signed: Glenn Jones