Joe Biden- move faster Joe

Democrats snatch defeat from the jaws of victory-


HR 1 is current lip service- no action- Get going Joe!

On a local and State level- Republicans are stealing what they can’t win.

GOP acknowledges- they don’t win popular votes. No plan, platform or Science- so expect January 06th events everyday now


A January 06th investigation would move faster if Biden ordered General Charlie Flynn to return from the Pacific Theatre to explain…

Flynn sat on his hands for hours (merely) observing violence that day.

Anyone with a TV set watched CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER- Flynn did nothing-
( exactly-AS PLANNED).

Flynn denied being in the briefing room as decision maker, (proven lies), He is currently reassigned full rank and pay grade in the Pacific -how is this abomination possible without-

This perverse Heckle & Jeckle cartoon has everything to do with (Charlies) “cracked pot” Trump loyalist brother (Mike). Both act above the law and below any standard.

Mike (also a disgraced General)-was involved with Russian operatives, was asked in Federal Court (by a Federal Judge)- “is there any reason why you shouldn’t be tried for treason?”
Mike was pardoned by Trump- like a dozen other criminals- they should ALL be in prison.

Brother Mike isn’t anything like Jimmy Carters (nobody) sibling- Mikey answered directly to Trump.

Instead of keeping low profile, Mike collects a lucrative Military pension while publicly proclaiming “America should have been overthrown- just like in Myanmar”!

Obvious, blatant, premeditated, criminal-


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Signed: Glenn Jones