the widdle people

Money in Politics- fist in glove.

Trump amassed 100 million bucks- 6 months after losing to Biden… remember- these fortunes are nothing for oligarchies, Oil sheiks, and dictators. Flattering low hanging fruits and nuts with trinkets or Swiss bank account numbers is-


Democracy should be based on the “will of the people”-yet voter legitimacy is threatened from all sides by traitors- willing to sell America-


It’s ALL documented- Paul Manafort was (still is) in direct contact with Putin’s eastern Euro


Middle eastern Oil sheiks trained Trump to pole dance as THEIR organ grinder monkey.

Journalists murdered and dissected at an embassy- Trump’s BFF insane Saudi prince (MBS), and Jarrad Kushner hold hands in a golden hot tub outside Mecca-


International thugs depend on “Manafort types” to launder- mind-boggling cash into front organizations with patriotic SOUNDING agendas.

“Ridiculous sums” fill empty coffers of low hanging Congresspeople like Lauren Boebert, the NRA, or simply- bankroll fleets of charter buses taking (otherwise) regular folks- to a not so normal INNSERECTION event.

The lure of FREE MONEY, all expenses paid, marching bands, lots of girls- a big stage.

Suddenly- IDIOTS who couldn’t organize a turtle race are given FOX microphones and 666 cases of dynamite.

BOMB thrower

– Rudi Giuliani is going down hard, no rescue on his horizon, the GOP garbage barge is chugging away…
without RUDE.

If not pardoned like Roger Stone or Flynn- LOSERS- like Sidney Powell are abandoned, collateral damage-


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Signed: Glenn Jones