Monaco shuffle

Tiny Monaco is considered a country- by 40,000 super wealthy, inhabiting this- ultra-exclusive Mediterranean real estate “Principality farce”.

Spending Euro’s, maybe speak French?? … NO taxes.

Residence are NOT subject to scrutiny an average French person might have… if they didn’t pay THEIR taxes.

Monaco has no industry, Navy or Air Force, its international citizens have ZERO civic responsibility to France- they live above laws or mundane concerns average French taxpayers sweat.

“That’s just the way they grift thing done- in the jolly little scam of OZ- (Monaco)”.
An opulent casino- (Bologna Royal), legalizes everything they don’t allow in Paris- WHAT a SCAM.

Any dapper crook in Los Vegas or Trumplands could tell you- Casino’s launder filth.

“Presto change”- OUR (miracle) CASINO- just pressed, and folded- YOUR soiled BS CRAP- into a legitimate bankroll.

Monaco isn’t big enough to have an international airport… citizens -ARRIVE by YACHT.

Tourists usually arrive at Monaco via high-speed train-(You know)… the ones Monaco didn’t engineer, build or maintain-

Europe’s elites have always been trend setters for American (do-nothing royalty) wannabees.


One percenter’s DEMAND (and receive) carte blanche, pampered, gated lifestyles with limo golf carts, THEN expect TAXPAYERS to foot 99%-

Like (centuries old)- Vatican Pedophile’s and British Royal Pig Farms- simply- FLAG your exclusive enclave, POST Swiss guards, WEAR garish purple (red hats), then- GRIFT CITIZENS INTO UNCONCIOUSNESS.

Grift em -in the name of Trump, God, Her Majesty, greed- …whatever…
it’s called the Monaco shuffle.

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Signed: Glenn Jones