Win a Date with a Cuomo! The Pros & Cons

Win a Date with Cuomo
Every entrant gets a “Win a Date with Cuomo” t-shirt!

The Pros & Cons: Win a date (or possible marriage) with the Governor of New York!

Obviously, Man has not completely evolved yet! 

Sad to report, there are still stragglers who haven’t gotten the memo: Those in power should not touch, fondle or spout creepy sexual innuendos in a work environment.

The Governor isn’t the 1st, nor will he be the last man in power to do this. 

In Neanderthal times, there were the Hunters & the Gatherers.  Sometimes, when the Gatherers would bend over…

Maybe another example!

When Eve stood over the Xerox Machine deep in thought – Adam would come behind her to press his Leaf & remind her he likes his coffee black.

In modern times, things haven’t changed much.  You see, in a matter of time, the Governor’s case will end & then they’ll be the next one!  So, we might as well laugh now!

But before anyone signs up for this rare opportunity to win a date with Cuomo – here are my tongue-in-cheek Pros & Cons:


Touchy Feely! Affection is always good, also a well sought-after trait in Sing Sing!

Wants you to meet all his Kissing Cousins!

A Guaranteed Hug when you leave the house & come home!

Will be spending more time at home – but he’ll be wearing an ankle bracelet!

Well worth it – makes his own Gravy!



Thinks with his Gagootz!  Hint: not Head, Noggin or Bean!

Likes to play ‘Strip Poke’ on the 1st Date!  No, it is not a typographical error!

Insists on a little Antipasto with his Foreplay!

Writing a book, “I Talk With My Hands, What’s It To You?”

And, always takes the last Cannoli!

Win a Date with Cuomo

Marilyn Sands