Halo America- “Qanon” here… celebrating- Dirty deeds, done- dirt cheap.

Qanon LAUNDERING PRODUCTS were developed to- unstain Trump’s… mightily soiled briefs.

Clothing on the LEFT -dumb sheets on the RIGHT.

MAGA Laundry line gallows operators in DC shouted “put a ring around Mike Pence collar”-Trump didn’t think murder was a BIG stretch… to turn his TIDE.

Dumb Sheet- FASCIST-Jeffery Clark determined- “Trump is mein Fuhrer- proud boy”-
Clark stood back –stood by…HIS crooked, delusional- rinse cycle.

Trump’s clogged appliance “not flush- til Clark’s paperwork- was dumb”.

Saving BLEACHED AMERICA from colors and static Klingons, meant steam cleaning our Justice department- all by his little Nazi self.

No need to stink for yourself Clark! You Got thine brain washed… in Trump’s toilet.

FASHION BOT-Melania (featuring a bullet proof pre-nuptial) claims – “she is borg to death” wearing Trump’s family WARDROBE.

LOSERBOT- Mirror check please.

Engineered by Steve Bannon, built in a Russian tank factory – delivered by Fed-X- insurrection estate planning at Mar-O-Lago… MEANS our Constitution and right to vote… gets hung out to LIE.

MAGA’s long-awaited liberation from common sense, wrinkled clothing and science -FINALLY arrived.

Covid denial and super whitening – NEARLY COMPLETE.

Sorting out- “true believers” from Vaccinated masses only required… one mutha TUCKER at Fox News.

When oxygen tubes cram down your throat in a quarantined hospital room… you are moments away from what Trump, Qanon, Bill Barr and right-wing parrots squawk about- FLEADOM!

Unlike public covid vaccines. Freedom ain’t flea.

Glorious ignorance!

Some sheet never comes clean!

John Thomas
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Signed: Glenn Jones