S-O-S ships agrift

Trump was fully prepared to have Pence murdered and our Capital ransacked… yet maintains “executive privilege” and “legal umbrellas” over phone records DURING HIS insurrection.

Tax returns and phone records have been treated like some Holy Grail BS.

The inJustice Department swings at blatant corruption with its toy fly swatters…
apparently knowing Americans will wait “until smell freezes over”.

Granting “forgiveness”- like bone cancer- festers and rot our house down- RESULTING IN…another termite PLUTOCRACY.

Trump pardoned henchman who traded in bribes- their end game- AUTOCRACY, TREASON, BETRAYAL, MURDER.

Trump’s “dark money “financial contributors know -if he goes down- they insured his anchor chain.

Same “grift” used to extort Atlantic City New Jersey as his casino went bankrupt, it sold four cents on the dollar (apparently banks learned nothing).

Trumps taxes will PROVE America was swindled by a two-bit crook… total FBI system failure.

A grotesque salty maggot- carpet bagging on every hygienic varnished surface.

Cementing “CRAP” Supreme Court Justices in every wheelhouse- another glossed over (lifelong) reminder of fascisms relentless hull worm greed.

Can worm eaten ships navigate freedom?

Pathetic, obvious fact – Donald Trump wouldn’t have passed a basic security clearance to serve our Navy.

Government protocol – “bankruptcy” means…THAT sailor is “ineligible” for a basic security clearance –susceptible to dangerous foreign influence (sound familiar?)

Fact check: TIMEBOMB Trump- celebrated bankruptcy six times.

Any half-baked forensic tax audit will clearly show -Trump lied, cheated and stole every script- an embarrassment on the world stage perhaps… but that shits- already saled.

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