Babies, Bullets and Blasphemy

Upheld by the Supreme Court, the State of Texas has (in effect) prohibited abortion, while formally authorizing anyone over age 21 to carry a firearm without requiring a permit. The upshot of such legislation is that it is against the law to kill anyone until after they have been born. After that, it’s OK, provided you reload within 24 hours, or procure another weapon.

This is a natural if not inevitable extension of American exceptionalism. Since the Puritans began their errand into the wilderness, gunliness has always been next to Godliness. Now Texas has taken the lead in showing us that godliness is next to Gunliness. If you don’t like it, you can just step outside the womb, Pilgrim. Will the Supreme Court object to Lone Star chutzpah? That’ll be the day . . .

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Signed: Dennis Rohatyn