The Jerry Duncan Show Tweets, Part 2

Wherein our intrepid talk radio show host shares some of his favorite Jerry Duncan Show tweets.


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Good morning listeners nationwide. Is it a good morning? It better be. I’ve been Tweeting like an angry bird all night on Twitter. I was happy to find out Rand Paul used a coat hanger to perform his own colonoscopy. And now he’s taking horse meds for the infection. No wonder The Wizard of Oz ran out of brains for Republicans. Here’s some Tweets that will make your day.

When a fart misfires, it takes a load off your mind.

Keep The Real Housewives of New York off the beaches. There’s already too much plastic floating in the water.

We need to recall the Republican Party in California. Then we’ll have a Hollywood ending.

BREAKING NEWS: Scientists concluded that only two creatures can survive a nuclear blast. Cockroaches and Stephen Miller.

The anti-vaxxers need to quit “horsing around” with Ivermectin. Mr. Ed is pissed off.

Do you know the developmental difference between Joe Manchin, Krysten Sinema and a mosquito? There is none.

Trump likes the fact COVID is H-U-G-E in Florida.

Putin is jealous of the Republican Party. And here he thought he was the number 1 fascist.

I didn’t realize scorpions could talk until I heard Kevin McCarthy speak.

Ron DeSantis happens when first cousins don’t use rubbers.

Majorie Taylor Greene said, “I made a mistake.” This afternoon I visited the Holocaust Museum. Marjorie. It’s okay to make a mistake. Your mother made one 47 years ago.

I hope Tucker Carlson chokes from the goulash bullshit he was fed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The late anti-vaxxer Dick Farrell found out that the truth hurts.

There is a new sequel to Debbie Does Dallas. Debbie gives Gov. Greg Abbott a lap dance and his wheelchair spins out of control.

I venture to say the majority of people in Mississippi can’t spell Mississippi.

The Taliban are repressing women’s rights. They learned how to from the Republicans.

Jared and Ivanka steal 100 million dollars while working  in the White House. Republicans hate government. This makes about as much sense as Ron Johnson.

Biden offered Mitch “Turtle” McConnell a new terrarium to reside in exchange for his vote to pass the Infrastructure bill.

Matt Gaetz was valedictorian of his graduating class at Trump University.


On my next show, I will be interviewing some big stars. Stay tuned. And remember, if The Lone Ranger and Batman can wear a mask so can you.


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