Afghanistan WAR PROPHETS!

Before “WE” got involved- pentagon spokesmen (BULLFROGS) always had a lot to say… Now…silence. (CRICKETS).

Neoconservatives CROAKERS insisted WE have American “boots on the ground” because from that day on…nation building was a gold-plated gravy train for mercenaries looting our treasury.

All that “war college brass” (CROAKING Day and night) -then… behold -an IDIOTIC DISASTER called Afghanistan.

BANKROLLING a twenty long year grift- (bombing) Saint Elsewhere.

The pentagon waged war on our own brave soldiers- A TOTAL VICTORY of FAILURE!

A nonstop VEGAS payday for defense contractors like Boeing, Lockheed, Grumman, Raytheon and all the rest…THEY cashed in – WE lost.

THEY-“Executed” (precisely planned)- neoconservative hype- violently, endlessly, unapologetically.

Overpriced Weapons, vehicles, helicopters, bullets, missiles and OUR body bags-

American soldiers killed and wounded for what? …So, taxpayers get bilked for everything -and Afghanistan got crushed.

For bucks spent in Afghanistan, WE could have gifted every Afghan an airconditioned brick house, new pick-up truck and health care for life… (more than anyone in rural America currently has)-

No wonder there are so many pissed off veterans- -living homeless- going crazy.

Who stole OUR money? swindled US? Does Government accounting have actual numbers or was that also just pissed away?

Fox News and CNN –(nearly) identical in reporting a mission failure- (all Americans “US” are suddenly at fault -“never THEM”), Networks neglecting to mention… “THEM” who PROFITED -BIGTIME.

Either “THEM” (Corporate War Lords) are criminally negligent or (pathetically) stupid… but this once- THEM can’t be both.

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Signed: Glenn Jones