“Disenfranchised?”, looking up from the bottom of the food chain? CRITICAL RACIST THEORY EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!

Current “robes on fire- BS”-court cases in Georgia and Wisconsin, have Jim Crow baked right in! justice isn’t the point.

Judge Schroeder in Kenosha Wisconsin “threw down” by telling prosecutors (and the entire world) they can’t refer to murder victims as “victims” the deceased will be referred to as “arsonists or rioters”.

In Georgia – violence perpetrated on an unarmed black guy by local vigilantes was so blatant and ugly- Bubbas only hope is CRT “that OLD TIME CONFEDERATE RELIGION”-get away with murder- free card.

There is a lot of heavy lifting involved in making what’s this wrong – this “WHITE”.

Throw out the case on a technicality, deny reality, run down the clock, whatever it takes- because otherwise racism is just a fake liberal insinuation, yesterday’s plantation lynch mob propaganda.

Behold our current Supreme Court- they who have turned racism and inequality into an art form of hollow meaningless word.
Using a make-believe time machine, FEDERALIST SOCIETY members celebrate slave era supreme court interpretations.

Welcome to the CATO INSTITUTE-another segregationist (big-league) player of obfuscation and inuendo.

What would Thomas Jefferson have to say about today’s legal matters? Let’s telepathically ask his corpse like elitist HOOVER INSTITUTE alumni.

Jefferson owned 600 slaves and knew just how to butter bread someone else slaved over.

Architect of Trump’s coupe-JOHN EASTMAN is a gold plated “fellow” of excellent standing- with the CLAREMONT INSTITUTE… who churns Eastman’s treason?

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Signed: Glenn Jones