that’s ALL U CAN EAT

The prospect of Trump running again- sure had some liberals seasick, I’m changing my party- Joe Biden offers only average entertainment value by comparison.

I say- salute what’s stupid – spin a compass for Gilligan’s Island and get the entire GOP in one salty barf bag. ORDER UP!

Putin’s greasy captain’s platter includes… “Peeping pedophile” Matt Gaetz, “bent barrel” Boebert, Marjorie “Traitor” Greene, Steve Bannon in a Fox News fishbowl (ROTTING LIVE), Michael Flynn as Vlad’s. (clawless) Red Lobster.

Russian trawler operative Manafort- netted squirming- yet refusing to fry.

Every SpongeBob barnacle clinging to Trump’s Carnal Cruise Line buffet- dancing an intestinal conga line of puking greed… No- I’m worse-


Rudy as Squidbert, Crabby Patty Melania (as cod fake wife) – a political graveyard “THRILLA” -freezer burnt, battered, and doesn’t mattered.

-A capitalist cannibal smorgasbord wrapped in blanket pardons of foiled fascist dough.

Given enough deck rope- Republican pirates hang each other- rerunning their last insurrection, so fun… even Pence is “hangin” round!

An ORANGE ventriloquist, RED bubba Gump hats, Ivanka as VP… what could go wrong in 2024?

Even if he shoots himself on 5th Avenue or is skewered on a plastic cocktail umbrella, its marketable leftovers. Stick a forkin fork in em -they’re NOT done.

An ALL YOU CAN’T EAT, indigestible cornucopia that includes free ammunition, ambulance rides and a GOP stomach pump.

If Trump keels over from natural (or fake) causes- wheel out the embalmed dummy “Don” anyways- he sells the fizzle-

and the steak.

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Signed: Glenn Jones