It was Trump who made Flynn a 4-star general

Capital Police officer Sicknick (42 years old) died 24 hours after the January 06 2021 insurrection, official autopsy states he died of “NATURAL CAUSES”-(yeah, SURE…that’s totally plausible).

Sprayed in the face with bear mace by Trumps minions, Officer Sicknick died defending our Capital… (does any of that sound natural to you)?

Truth will Rewrite that autopsy. Trump sacrificed a Hero’s life on OUR capital steps.

Being a coward, Trump didn’t even lead his own lunatic charge, he hid in the White House calling EVERY deadly shot BY PHONE- (it’s all recorded).

Trump directed others to commit murder.

Are you listening Merrick Garland? –(WE WATCHED IT ON TV).

Trump initiated, televised, and still celebrates his riot, never lifted a finger to stop it, encouraged white nationalists to chant “HANG MIKE PENCE” he never apologized for anything- (a remorseless murderer).

Traitors should be keel hauled, not allowed to parade about celebrating Kyle Rittenhouse, Goslar’s snuff films (or defying investigations).

If the Justice department had eyes open and hands on the wheel, General Charlie Flynn- (brother of a proven traitor Mike) would have been subpoenaed (MONTHS AGO).

Charlie was made 4-star general on Trumps watch- (gee…what a coincidence)?

Charlie was hurriedly transferred to the Pacific theatre instead of
explaining his part in a conspiracy his (TRAITOR)- Qanon ranting, brother- engineered.

Who besides the Flynn brothers ceded this killing field? –(many apparently).

Trump’s fascist actions, (and pentagon inaction)- led directly to Sicknick death.

Judas sold out America for 30 silver (plated fake) coins.

John Thomas
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Signed: Glenn Jones