Scary Christmas

News networks- please fully report details about Washington State Republican Senator -Doug Ericksen.

Doug (preposterously) attacked Governor Jay Inslee for mandating masks and vaccines.

Ericksen Dug his own shallow grave by refusing vaccinations- CROAKING Dec 17th of covid. (Age 52)

5 days later Sarah Palin (on stage) said, “getting a covid vaccine would be over her dead body” The crowd cheered…so did I.

Palin makes even “relativity” stupid people- feel like Einstein’s.

At “empty seat Americafest”- Fox Failure Bill O’Reilly (and Trump) sheepishly admitted getting booster shots – (crowd booing) … That’s BAAAAAAAD.

fleeced AGAIN.

Shotgun Wedding losers fertilize ROTTEN EGGS, nurture INVASIVE GRIFT, birthed 52 million Bubbas.

Mutha O’Reilly’s “EMPTY BOOB” suckled Fox News Bubbas with the only GOP (man-nipple) he could bluster- Dumbellism.

Forced to resign from his Fox anchor “teat” for abusing women- cast adrift.
“BYE” – fox’nFIENDS.

PIMPING SNAKE OIL to stupid people, empty stadiums – (kinda demoralizing).

Bluster daddies MANufactured BITTER formulas.

O’Reilly progeny… “march as one” the……………DEPLORABILLY’S.

Qanon Trump Orphans (ponder)… DONNY… why not take FELONY OWNERSHIP?

Pedophile (LOSER) Matt Gaetz can be your blind date- to justice.

TORCH BEARING DEPLORABILLY’S won’t boo ya DONNY …they brought portable gallows and Gatorade to Washington!

Just SAY it Trump-“I cheat Ma taxes, DEMANDED TREASON, sat on Putin’s lap, told my mob to shoot cops protecting our Capital, scripted “hang Mike Pence” relishing every brutality- on TV…smiling.


What will Congress do- anyWHO?

Finger broke- watch for horn.

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Signed: Glenn Jones