burnt to ashes

It’s obvious- Emperor Trump and his followers were prepared to burn Rome to ashes, if traitors were so proud (or certain) of what they perpetrated- stand up, proclaim it… why be silent ash holes?

This BIPARTISAN investigation reveals a fully developed Coup attempt, not just “court” jesters.

Well connected, over paid, sycophants invited themselves to a (wrecking) ball at our Nation’s Capital.

Tone deaf Boot lickers- buzzing like fruit flies, looting inauguration banquet tables.

America witnessed Trumps insurrection, police murdered, yet…no apology from a vindictive, ugly, tyrant.

Power, control, and loot- Trump checks those boxes, even his daughter was horrified- “DADDY-YOU ARE KILLING POLICE”

Picture: North Korean Kim Jun Un -shooting peasants for not starving more slowly.

Election over COMRADES- I WON…again… forever!

Shameless followers, aberrant behavior, a power grab that starts with “ME FIRST” ending in this bigger landfill of GOP stink.

Loyalty to a crook- not a constitution.

A gilded golden commode- currently docked at Mar-o-Lago.

Merritt Garland wake up and smell the FILTH.

Trumps idiot crew pleading the 5th, … WE KNOW what happened on January 06 06 2021.
It’s all recorded, release EVERY TRANSCRIPT, let the American public decide.

Loyalty to a crook- OR… a constitution?

Americans: think for yourselves… how little grace and dignity we can live without?

Courts alone won’t diminish His Grifterness to being a powerless STINKING nobody.

Children deserve a “WOKE UP AMERICA” fairness, morals, principles and democracy. – The living, BREATHING PUBLIC MUST CHALLENGE TRUMP- not fruit flies.

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Signed: Glenn Jones