Animal Funny Farm

If Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger (among others) are
rinos, then Donald Trump must be a hippocritter, since he changed political parties
seven times in fourteen years before running for office; enough to make Alcibiades
blush, although it has yet to cause a mass stampede of bull-slinging elephants. The
2024 election should be held in the Reptile House of the National Zoo, so that in case
Mr. T. returns to Washington, his new home will give him the cold-blooded reception
he deserves. As the Cowardly Lion insisted, “I’d thrash him from top to bottomus!”
Scared crows of the world, unite–you have nothing to lose but your sheep’s brains.

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Signed: Dennis Rohatyn