Shacklers Opium den

Sackler’s Opium Den.

One corrupt family is responsible for Americas second worst “mass casualty” event- ever.

Oxycodone (packaged in pill form) – killed more than 400,000.

Billions in profit- unnecessary addictions, destruction of entire communities – LAUNCHED (in 1996) by Shacklers as a synthetic heroin missile.

Beyond negligence- Sackler’s flooded America with super addictive painkillers, EMPHASISING a slick “get rich quick” incentive… coercing doctors and clinics into pushing their narcotics-EVERYWHERE.

Sackler’s modus operandi- spread criminal responsibility, mislead everyone –
MURDER by design.

Fighting liability was easy… STYLISH REPUBLICAN donations, “reputation” laundering, calculated legal delays, FILTH hording offshore banking…

– Shackler’s narcotic empire crippled America.

Sackler’s crime wave- surfed insane profits, shrugged ethics.

Buying off anyone that mattered- transforming Grandma into a junkie/corpse.

Shacklers never feared criminal prosecution, it was “acceptable” collateral damage.

Uber arrogant- financially insulated, totally to blame.

So “connected” -they scrubbed pictures and personal information off internet sites.

Most of Sackler’s Wikipedia page “proud family tree” features generic (unidentifiable blanks)- where there should be “MUG SHOTS”

One noteworthy picture left intact- Jacqueline Sackler and Ivanka Trump posing in $50,000.00 party dresses at an exclusive Museum New York Gala opening in 2007.

Campaign bribes, hush money, favorable press, just add body bags-

“misleading” Grandma, ransacking communities- thieving BILLIONS.

Same year- (2007) Sackler’s Purdue Pharma was found GUILTY of FEDERAL FELONY CHARGES- “misleading” regulators, doctors and patients.

“Misleading” Terminology matters -repackaging 400,000 corpses call it-


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