Finding the Needler in a Hatful of Lies

“Omicron, with its extraordinary, unprecedented degree of efficiency of transmissibility,
will, ultimately, find just about everybody” (Dr. Anthony Fauci, interview, Jan. 12, 2022)

If Dr. Fauci is right, then can the IRS locate Donald Trump before the next election cycle?
Moreover, if I’m bound to catch COVID, can I at least get sick in style by attending Trump’s
political funeral, which will surely be the superspreader to end all superspreaders? ‘Tis a
Congressional subpoena devoutly to be missed, at least by those of us who have a will to
cower–which Trump does, even as he poisons the wells of civic discourse, day and night.
Nothing becomes him in life like thieving it, so pray for a miracle that will put him out of
our history. The delta blue variant is now ready to fly–just in time to save us from a fate worse than having rednecked blood cells, which cause global steaming and brain death.
So turn off Channel #45, reload your hypodermics, and shoot up all your live arms, fast.

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Signed: Dennis Rohatyn