MAD about VLAD

Mad about Vlad

Russians Know the scope of Putin’s criminality, palaces, and crude investments.

Russians – like good folks everywhere, -struggle along, do what’s told, believing none of what they hear- reaction to invading Ukraine- THAT will be swift.

Russian valor defending their homeland is legendary. Hitler’s army discovered Russians fought to their death.

Fascist Nazi plans meant slavery- then annellation, Soviets (nearly singlehandedly)- kicked German uniforms back to Berlin.

Soviets In Ukraine would not be liberators- no flowers, no bear hugs.

Russian infantry returning home in sealed zinc coffins, – Putin’s last act.

Afghanistan demonstrated how foreigners (carrying guns) are welcomed.

Putin’s (foiled) pipe dream of rebuilding HIS empire – already run out of gas.

Satellites wouldn’t march for him, not with patriotism.

Kazakhstan and all those OTHER Stan’s are stony wallflowers, they don’t dance for entertainment.

Cheap, rusty, vodka… entire neighborhood bombed-

Trump Moscow Hotel (clown waltz) demonstrated little, he cared even less about Russian “spheres of” influence.

Fiend for life-Vlad greased Trump’s political ignorance and ego; Biden’s victory- shot gunned that FAKE honeymoon to Siberia.

Vlad’s western spa treatment of cozy terms are on BORROWED time, public INTEREST rates in Moscow FROZEN, CREDIT-ability…TANKING das BANKING.

Stalin counted every RUBLE, eyed HIS potatoes, suspicious of every steamy boiler room- no manicures, less sleep.

With ballerinas in every palace bubble bath…Putin thinks… (while reaching for COMMUNAL soap on floor).

“MY BORCHST” -what could possibly go wrong?

YES-ALL YOURS! …Pleasant schemes comrade.

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Signed: Glenn Jones