Buy a 500 dollar house in Detroit in 2022

It’s possible to buy a house (with property) in Detroit Michigan right now (2022) for 500 bucks.

No housing shortages in the Motor City, no hyper inflated real-estate – Purchase an actual brick house for less than a… barely running used car.

100 years ago- Detroit was a showcase of quality neighborhoods.

Detroit remains the heart of what’s gone wrong with inequality and decay in America.

This we MUST fix.

Today is an era of sky-high housing prices and trillionaires racing to develop “space tourism” …are repairs in Michigan more complicated than sending a 10+ billion dollars telescope into orbit?

A million miles away, searching for stars- (sounds scientific) … but-WHAT about human priorities here?

Detroit has all the hallmarks of a “great city”- proximity, water resource, industrial capacity -a thousand reasons why every star should align here.

Abandonment – unacceptable.

IF “blaming poor people” sounds plausible- than… GIVE POOR PEOPLE EQUAL CREDIT for building “Tiger town”, They didn’t run off to suburbs, with all the LOOT-Detroit was purposely…left behind.

Not sassy- just inclined to request- OUR Federal government relocate to southeast Michigan until Tiger Town -is back from the dugout.

If the Federal government can’t make reasonable progress, they should stay until Hell freezes over.

doesn’t America need ELECTRIC TRAINS and steel tracks HERE and NOW?

If Hell freezes over-WATCH how (skating on sharpened steel), RED WINGS can-LIGHT UP CROWDS and SCORE BOARDS.

Call it- TIGER TOWN, MOTOWN or… “MOTOR CITY”- just never… lights out-game over.

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Signed: Glenn Jones