On file in Florida

Is Merritt Garland in a coma? Has any executive (who planned 01/06/2021) gone to jail?

An elementary class could provide evidence enough- Videos available on Fox News.

Like a reptilian orange mob boss- the first thing Trump did in office- was put every classified document he could steal- on his scaly thumb drive.

Every political enemy NOW has vulnerable files parked at Mar-o-Lago.

Blackmail- easier than -ordering cheeseburgers.

Trump’s failed casino in Atlantic City made IT clear – everyone in local New Jersey government was chained to his sinking garbage barge.
Trump singlehandedly bankrupt Atlantic City and gave everyone the finger.
Next drive by shooting- the White House!

Is anyone REALLY surprised “top secrets, classified files” were shipped to a FAKE golf palace in Florida?

Trumps INFO WAR finale will cripple anyone and everything who threatens overdue justice… want proof? Behold-HOW the GOP bows before “he who holding dirt on everyone”.

Trump’s tax cheating, money laundering, modius operandi, malfunctions- security risks- known for decades.

What happens when blatant criminals float to the top of a DC toilet? THIS VERY predictable CAR WRECK- traitors in the wheelhouse.

Did the FBI figure this “total moron” could march up our national end zone? They should have.

Industrial titans in 1930 Germany lost control of Hitler in the same way.
Their GOOSE-STEPPING puppet called his OWN tune, pulled THEIR strings, and sold Germany down the Rhine- our current undertow is that same deliverance movie NOW SHOWING in 2022.

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Signed: Glenn Jones