Trumps accounting firm MAZARS- finally PRINTED what everyone knows – “DIS don’t add up”.

Ten years of Donald’s CROOKED accounting – officially- “garbage”.

Mazars gave Trump the Heisman-(meaning)-“no forkin way Moby DICK” .

After decades of Mazars data, no SANE company will step up to Moby’s DIRTY dishes…

Accountants JuniorDumb and EricDumber pawned Moby’s SPAM and called it lobster tails.

Will another Oil sheik bilge pump this smorgasbord GRIFT?

Either- “call the undertaker or bring in a ringer…SO-why not BOTH!

PRESENTING- Ivy league wrecking ball…Jared Kushner.

After massive bribes and political corpse twisting- Jared’s vaulted under Harvard, (tone-deaf) honorary-dumbbell ON A MISSION.
The only bar Jared passed was gas.

Jared Married Ivanka- who miraculously reincarnated as -devoted orthodox Princess diva.

SINCE Jared scripted Trump’s Palestinian policy on a cocktail napkin… RESCUING father-in-law Moby’s casino lifestyle- SHOULD BE a piece of (crummy) wedding cake.

BEHOLD- a growing “slime” family, (even the walls were wailing).

DINING with Kushner’s…priceless whines – stiffed waiters.

Charlie’s specialty- real estate scams topped with FAKE piety- BITTER just desserts- (ala-fart).

Charlie Kushner cooked- BOTH sets of his books.

Trump’s Presidential pardon -exhumated Charlie’s piggish FRAUD and pork barrel RACKETEERING; shameless YES…but Ivanka’s spawn could only visit Gramps in PRISON!

CONVICT CHARLIES submarine- moored below Poop-a-Lago.

Jared’s lifeboat- (Ivanka), paid off for Kushner like a rigged slot machine! WhaddaPAYback!

Being pardoned by Moby Dick (the Great white Snail), reminded Harpooned Charlie, Floating Corpse Jared, Princess FAKka and even those confused dunce caps at MAZARS-

Schemes… really DO -come True.

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Signed: Glenn Jones