unfit for any duty

During Trump’s “elite donor” speech (March 5, 2022)- in New Orleans, DT suggested painting USAF jets with Chinese markings “and bomb the shit out of Russia” that’s sick- not funny.

Disrespecting our Military with “bar stool” racist humor – same mouth that claimed (last week) Putin is a GENIUS.

Armchair (BONE SPUR) warrior “DT” pontificating to evangelical millionaire (dim wits) in Louisiana WHO think war in Europe will bring glorious end time heavens.

GOD’s crackpot political solution (as determined) by those who don’t believe in a separation of Church, State or Stupidity.

still rooting for team MAGA?

Remember Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort?

If you believe (grifter) Manafort worked on behalf of a Russian oligarch in 2014 “FOR FREE”, then you also believe Flynn NEVER LIED to the FBI about his contacts with Russian Ministers.

Manafort is 5 million dollars richer and pardoned, hysterical? – Manafort having a forensic tax audit.


Trump personal attorney Rudi Giuliani was sent by Trump to rub out (then) current ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, that’s NO JOKE either.

Vile history tattooed on Trump’s mug- same smug that never apologized for “cops murdered” during a premeditated Capital insurrection.

Anything funny yet?

There is an indelible proven BLOOD line of treason that runs through Putin, Trump, and this war in Ukraine.

ZERO “laugh lines” fellow citizens-

A SICK BLOODY piece of Vlad’s oligarchy pie plus “Trump towers” in Moscow – EXCHANGED for Putin’s gun barrel enslavement of 44 million Ukrainians.

Sociopathic pharos- Prump and Tutin.

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Signed: Glenn Jones