Republican politicians are deplorable liars
Whose brain circuitry are all crossed wires.
They’re disappointed that their latest lie
Was so laughable they sounded very high!
Health & Human Services are giving away,
They say, free crack pipes all night & day?
Are you freakin’ kidding me, racist GOP,
With your Sean Hannity psychotic lunacy?
Where do these Fox fascists get this crap?
LET’S GO DARWIN! The GOP won’t adapt.
Go down with the ship, Trumptanic fools.
Deranged Donald is going to trial soon!
Trump the Chump will lose. Stay tuned!
The GOP will self-destruct bigly in 2022.
When Trump runs & loses again in 2024,
It will be from behind a prison cell door.

Jake Pickering
Arcata, CA, USA

John Thomas
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