Vlad’s liberation slog to Kiev- coffins and funerals pile up… meanwhile- Church pews and weddings in Moscow are noticeably thinning out.

Bashar al-Assad heard PUTIN’S FUNERAL DURGE-he generously decided to “pitch in” with battle-hardened ALAWITE mercenaries.

Did Vlad persuade HIS Russian Orthodox Church to “SIGN OFF” on HIS soldier of fortune idea- ensuring Caucasian Russian’s are STILL around for candle lighting and hymns?

Wouldn’t the Russian church favor Shia Muslims murdering Ukrainian Christians?

Sign here.

Putin to Assad- “I helped you kill Syrians; KILL UKRAINIANS! It’s win-win- for losers

-sign here.

Mercenaries get to meet Allah, WE stay BEAST friends, I keep ANGRY Russian Mothers out of prison protesting MY SPECIAL MILITARY OPERATION (war).

Will Syria miss its hired guns? Is anything left of Syria after Russian bombed Aleppo to smithereens in 2016?
Let’s ask Alexander Lukashenko… he’s NEXT in that shrinking line of friends.

This cantankerous puppet dictator of Belarus was sitting next to Vladimir Putin JUST last week for a news fakecast- I mean basically sitting on Putin’s lap!

Not “far end of some Kremlin banquet table- more like… “my last beast fiend in the whole world seating arrangements” (exactly like with Trump)!

Perspiring so profusely- Lukashenko made ME nervous.

Luka was sopping a handkerchief (over his face) like death JUST dropped off an engraved invitation to his OWN hanging.

Putin didn’t look nervous- perhaps KGB training “kicked in” like Ol time religion.

Putin figured -when bullets fly- I’ll Use (Luka here)- as my human shield…

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Signed: Glenn Jones