epic fail

Less than 100 years ago Russia starved Ukraine.

1932-32 Joseph Stalin- sold (stolen) Ukrainian grain for foreign cash needed to build foundries and industry in Russia.

4 million died, (a man-made famine), called the “HOLODOMOR”- sort of what Putin is “serving up today”

The Ukraine resistance called “KULAKS” were crushed, citizens resorted to eating tree bark, Stalin’s wife was so appalled -she killed herself in 1932- Stalin got steel production… (but at what cost?).

I breath a sigh of relief… Vlad’s “mistress” doesn’t have to deal with the shame of “PUTIN’S WAR” on Ukraine.

Alina Kabaeva and Vlad’s 4 kids have been “safely stashed away” in SWITZERLAND!

Baby Daddy Putin (69) is protecting Alina (38) in some secret chalet (above the clouds of criticism) in neutral Switzerland.

At least Stalin “walked the walk” of bolshevism.

Nobody “was hidden” outside Russia in a goldbrick castle of chocolate. Stalin was revered because he was THE man of STEEL.

Putin “is despised” because his ideology is- GREED.

Stalin was feared -he never had to “talk the talk”- HE WHISPERED.

Hitler heard THAT WHISPER- loud and clear- Stalin – “it takes a brave man to be a coward in the Russian army”, couple that with “an actual political philosophy” Soviets pummeled Nazism back to Berlin.

Putin is a FAKE dictator shrinking into a TINY TIN sardine can.

Vlad stole Russian oil wealth, deceived his army, attacked Ukraine while hiding family abroad.

Putin’s EPIC FAILURE will not be forgiven by Russian Generals, Military or Citizens.

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Signed: Glenn Jones