Just One Man

One man wanted to have a whole country. He already had a country, but he didn’t care about it anymore. He wanted another country. He wanted the country right next to his country. So he told the people of that country to bow down to him and give him their country. The people did not bow down to him and did not give him their country. So he told them “I am bigger than you and I will take your country if you do not bow down to me and give me your country now.” The people did not bow down and did not give him the country. So he said that he would kill those people if they did not bow down to him and give him their country. The people said “We do not want to be killed, but this is our country and we want to keep it.”

The one man became very angry that the people did not bow down to him and give him their country right away so he started sending his killers into that country and they started shooting the people. The people tried to hide and to push back the killers to keep their country. Now the one man started screaming at the people that they must stop pushing back and must give him their country immediately. But they told him “No” and that he had his own country and he could not have theirs.

Flapping with rage, the one man told his killers to blow up all of the houses and buildings even with the people still inside and to kill the people running for their lives even down to the last child. The people still refused to give the one man their country and still kept trying to push back the killers. But the one man frothed and swore that he would have the country when there were no buildings standing anymore and all the people were dead. He told his killers that they must kill faster.

The one man did not want the people in his own country to know how much killing and destruction was going on so he put sand in their eyes so they could not see and could only hear his voice saying sweet words which they believed. But some of his people washed the sand from their eyes and saw the deaths and destruction of their neighbors being done in the name of their own country without them knowing. Many of the dying neighbors were their cousins too and those people who had washed the sand were very angry because they had been lied to by the one man and they told the one man to stop the killing right away.

The one man waved his hand to the police and those people from his own country were all put in jail or killed. The one man waved his other hand and all of the government people of his country bowed down to the one man so low that their noses were in the dirt. Other people in the world wondered why the one man wanted to still have the new country if all the buildings were destroyed and all the people were dead. They told the one man to stop trying to take that country and if he did not stop, they would give him trouble.

The one man glared at them with his cold dead eyes of hate and told them that if they get in his way, he would blow them up and kill everyone. After a few moments those people began to laugh at the one man because they knew and he knew that if he blew up everyone, even a little bit that he would be killed right away and his own country would be destroyed and dead. Then he would have no country and no life, just a dead body of the one man. The one man ranted and screamed and threatened but all the people kept laughing and pointing at the dangerous old one man who now had no friends and had nothing left but his own whining and hate as he hid in his castle. With the people laughing and pointing at him, the one man could only see his blind anger and he said that he would show everyone how strong he was and he would blow up the whole world.

Will one man be allowed to kill the entire world?

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Signed: Anonymous