putin in the box

Ted Cruz (Texas) Rick Scott (Florida)- two GOP Senators publicly stating- “President Biden is responsible for Putin’s WAR on Ukraine”.??

Secretly financed, over fed Senator’s, posturing as …angry Republican’s… (no bottom to this stupid GOP hole).

Cheering Putin- as Ukraine children flee for their lives – (next level sick).

Spineless chicken nuggets dipped in Qanon sauce?

More like- Southern fried vomit, clinging to cold fry baskets over burnt crosses.

“Open carry” Sunday sermons? preaching violence? “Tax exempt” houses of worship?
Actually… vicious, cult, haters.

Narrow, racist, band widths don’t require logic- just Bibles, ammo and FAKE Trump flags.

A Fox News tribe – overweight, out of touch.

Ted and Rick – Trump clones- leading from behind. (Meaning- political buttholes)

Marching on Capital’s, challenging common sense, liberalism, vaccines, and secular thinking- WHAT a death march.

I watched a choreographed Funeral for a (recently) killed Russian general on TV- (very ornate).

Russia’s various ethnicity- (nowhere in sight).

Stoic Caucasian soldiers in fancy-dress uniforms.

Looking like Cossacks from the wizard of Oz- they said goodbye… (I felt terrible) …. it wasn’t Vlad in the box.

Putin’s Russian Orthodox Church flies the same white nationalism banner as Saint Trump- I, ME, MINE…

ETHNIC faces span their time zones… like ours.

Asian looking, Arabic looking- all shapes and colors proudly wore Russian uniforms TOGETHER, fighting Nazis…battling Hitler’s fascist crap.

Putin, Trump, Scott and Cruz…Autocrats swaddled in racist cloaks, denying peace, neighbors, and civility- while depositing CITIZEN’S money into THEIR secret Swiss bank accounts.

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Signed: Glenn Jones