sent THIS to trumps office staff

Donald Trump’s website must be run by volunteers.

Trump is too cheap to pay anyone Sooo… why not exploit sops LIKE YOU, (those willing to work)- for nothing.

Trump look’s thoughtfully at a document on his Presidential desk – (that’s staged).

More realistically- a pile of cheeseburgers, plugging a toilet with stolen TOP SECRET artifacts.

YOU volunteers must be the tip of a whitebread evangelical spear, any colored people in your office?


Working like busy little Christian beavers- for a thieving Woodchuck who SEES YOU for what you are…another busload of losers- to be grifted into sawdust.

Paid much? benefits? stale bologna sandwich?

EXACTLY the “meatings” Melania attends… sour, ROTTEN, dinky, pickles ……..….no $ bread.

Melania has a prenup alright-


– sum TRUMP appointed attorney_ – botched her $ homework.

If Donald is worth a billion… Melania’s basically his mop- “coat check employee” selling underwear, hats and bling for crypto currency.

Lighting Putin’s cigar, wearing sleazy dresses for Jeffery Epstein’s parties-


All those hours Melania LOGGED… for what? – she’s earned less (per minute) than Stormy Daniels…

(Barely getting ahead).

Don’t look Trump’s “gift horse” in the mouth GREENCARDnia.

Reread your “NOT-SO-FINE”-print… then- shutten ZYup.

Volunteers- (DON’T SNICKER)- You rate below North Korean garment workers.

Starve munch?

“Pimping” Melania’s charm is the ONLY thing “humanizing” a rabid, golfing, morally bankrupt Woodchuck.

An “actual wife” bestows “BANKABLE” credibility onto Trump’s STAGEPROP -GRIFT- lifestyle.



Google search-“WHAT GOD HATES”- it describes Trump to a golf TEE.

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Signed: Glenn Jones