SWISS miss

Who is Alina Kabaeva?

Anyone straddling Moscow’s broken political Balance beam- knows Alina – “Russia’s most flexible woman”.

Putin’s flexible girlfriend survives as (TROPHY booty) – Putin’s hidden luxury ASSet.

After Putin “kicked his loyal wife to the curb” (2013)- Boy Blunder “gold dug” himself an Olympic gymnast with whom he spawned 4 secret babushkas.

Alina’s reproductive choices were decided for her-because “Tower of Power Putin” NEEDED a FLEXGal that matched his 5’5” stature. – that’s with Vlad posing on his gold brick- missile battery.

Ignore Putin’s talk about STANDING BY “Mutha Russia”, he insured- HIS family’s survival via Swiss passports.

Fox News never reports Trump’s tax cheating or his autocratic platinum plated DICKtator (stashing Billions) into first class-SWISS- neutrality.

Navalny got it right – show Russia’s public -what Putin spends THEIR rubles on.

Navalny – FALSELY sentenced to 9 (more) years in gulag prison, after PUTIN’S FAILED POISONING.

Putin COULDN’T BELIEVE Navalny returned FROM THE DEAD to show Russia- this OLIGARCH’S bottomless GREED.

Navalny “lampooned” Putin’s billion-dollar Black Sea castle- via drone- (seeing is believing comrade),

Navalny is the STAND TALL HERO, (with that much brass)- he doesn’t need Putin’s ZERO stature.

Hitler (and top Nazi brass) kept their ROTTEN spoils in Switzerland; (a NAZI hedge fund) …hedging FASCIST WAR bets, that- crime pays big shots…
while poor citizen’s struggle.

MYSTERY repeats itself.

Trump never pay taxes, Putin robs em blind, Ukraine’s refugees don’t own hedge funds, Russian conscripts are returning “boxed”.

Putin’s DEAD male-piles up- ZERO fan mail.

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Signed: Glenn Jones