Merritt Garland-time to WOKE UP

Mr. Attorney General- thank you for assurances INJUSTICE follows FACTS.

A conga line of GRIFTING crooks dances directly to Supreme court (Justice Clarence Thomas), and General Charlie Flynn (still pressing buttons) at the Pentagon.

I’m “thrilled” Qanon Buffalo guy is housed in own deluxe segregated buffalo pen, served specially prepared holistic food during his brief incarceration.

Without colored inmates, regular rations or liberal distractions-perhaps he can white a book.

WHAT ABOUT- Steve Bannon screaming insurrection over public air waves? Roger Stone, casting stones at our Constitution, John Eastman (like you)- still practicing law and disorder!

Eastman has not been disbarred as officer of the Court… what “higher standard?”

Bill Barr’s- latest book “One dam thing after another”- whiting poop (available) in hard cover!

I don’t have a law degree, HOWEVER… I could easily prosecute moron Trump Jr -myself.

JUNIOR’S emails (to election fraudster)- Mark Meadows –(Quote)-“Daddy TRUMP and MAGA- WE CONTROL this whole THANG”

Juniors superglued his DNA, photo ID, and fingerprints to a time stamped, guilty plea, LIVE on FOX NEWS. How many more “facts” do we need Einstein?

What’s next?

Another ATTACK by MAGA nuts? catapulting bodies of murdered cops- through your office window?

How can crook Trump- legally run in 2024?

Yesterday- IN BROAD DAYLIGHT- (on behalf on Donald J. Trump) …

Jared Kushner pocketed- a TWO BILLION DOLLAR BRIBE from (MBS) Saudi Murder –
payment for Trump hushing up MBS MURDERING an American Journalist in a Saudi embassy.

I’m feelin WIDE AWOKE!
How bout you?

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Signed: Glenn Jones