Xi marks the spot

Chairman Xi- pronounced like “she”

Xi is “shoe in” for third term as supreme leader of China.

Xi won’t “get boot”, despite holes that need darning.

Endless friendship with “hole Putin” BIG misstep, but- nothing compared to the “Shanghai stumble” COVID lock down.

China- “seemed” to have covid neatly sewn up, while…America was a hospitalized “LIVE MARKET” zombie asylum- now Xi is learning new dance step, called MAO TWO LEFT FEET.

China mismanaging virus- isn’t karma- it’s dogma.

Watch a video- taken downtown Shanghai- a battery powered “robotic dog” (back mounted loud speaker), trotting down empty city street- blaring “RUBBISH” at locked down, starving, inhabitance- “wash hands, stay inside, BE CIVIL!”

Robo dawg had a recorded woman’s voice but it was Xi- issuing directives.

OBEY the running dogs!

1984 CRAP- drones, at curfew – howling civilians, locked down apartments, old people shoved by faceless trolls in white Tyvek suits, starving pets dumped in streets- good old fashioned- servitude… knell before communist, capitalist, autocrats-UYGHURS.

Chinese takeout- SLAVE (not brave) NEW WORLD.

24-hour surveillance cameras everywhere, human performance ranking- SCORE based on being a soulless nobody.

OUTLAWED PRIVACY- what China markets to world leaders everywhere, TRACKING numbers and lifetimes, barefoot cowering criminals- THEIR CRIME? … dreaming personal thoughts.

The Spanish inquisition Heaven- dreamt of such INSANITY- now GOON SQUADS buy UYGHUR OPRESSION “off the shelf” in robo-dog Hell -Shanghai.

Slop -til YOU drop- #@^)$+!(%……………………………… Xi-Mart.

Foot Fungus Xi and kaPutin, just stepped in it, now we can-TRACK THEM.

Xi marks the SPlaT.

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