This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: BS-ness as Usual

Republican politics mean BS-ness as usual.

BS-ness as usual.

Voter suppression is an invalid ID-ology.

If at first you don’t impede, lie lie again.

GOP election strategy: Finking outside the ballot box.

Republicans, I get the censure unfit.

The pathway to free speech never lies in deception.

Unsound politicians make way too much noise.

Republican political evolution ensures survival of the unfitest.

Trump’s agenda: America first… and then the world.

You cancel the truth so you can sell lies.

Some poor fools don’t even have enough sense to make change for a nickel!

Putting people first makes democracy last.

Optimists hope to change the world.

Environmental politics are polluted with watered-down laws.

Recycling bin helping.

Don’t smother nature!

Swallow your anger or it will devour you.

Encourage without fear.

There’s smiles to go before we weep.

Forgive generously.

Ralph Lombard