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Dec 022016
 By , December 2, 2016
Movie Review: "Manchester by the Sea"
Movie Review: "Manchester by the Sea"

“Manchester by the Sea” – a film review by Gary Chew No tsunamis 20 feet high crash onto Manchester by the Sea. Neither monstrous hurricanes nor giant water serpents devastate this quaint and lovely fishing village along the Massachusetts coast. But just about everything else [more…]

Nov 252016
 By , November 25, 2016
Movie Review: "Rules Don't Apply"
Movie Review: "Rules Don't Apply"

“Rules Don’t Apply” –  a movie review by Gary Chew Do eccentric billionaires bore you like they do me? That’s a question I always mutter to myself when I’m reminded of one of those kind of guys, especially if his name is Howard Hughes. Rules [more…]

Nov 112016
 By , November 11, 2016
Movie Review: "Arrival"

“Arrival” – a film review by Gary Chew I begin these comments with a question that’s not spoken until nearly the end of Arrival, the new film by Canadian director Denis Villenueve. “If you could see your life from beginning to end before you die, [more…]

Oct 302016
 By , October 30, 2016
Movie Review: "Certain Women"
Movie Review: "Certain Women"

“Certain Women” – a film review by Gary Chew An early example of minimalist filmmaking is Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope. More recently, minimalist movies that have come our way are Jim Jarmusch’s Down By Law with Tom Waits; Alfonso Curarón’s Gravity with George Clooney and Sandra [more…]

Oct 132016
 By , October 13, 2016
Movie Review: "Denial"
Movie Review: "Denial"

“Denial” – a film review by Gary Chew The news is good when a messaging movie opens about the time the message really needs repeating. I nearly had an overdose of message-movies growing up during and in the aftermath of WWII. Films of that period [more…]

Oct 062016
 By , October 6, 2016
Movie Review: "The Birth of a Nation"
Movie Review: "The Birth of a Nation"

“The Birth of a Nation” – a film review by Gary Chew Surreally stretched across a span of 185 years’ time, it almost seemed like I was in a movie as I drove home from an early screening of the new motion picture, The Birth [more…]

Sep 272016
 By , September 27, 2016
Movie Review: "Deepwater Horizon"

“Deepwater Horizon” – a film review by Gary Chew “Based on a true story” is a common preface to motion pictures. It’s your cue to assume that license has likely been taken with the narrative even though what you’re about to see, to some degree, [more…]

Sep 162016
 By , September 16, 2016
Movie Review: "Snowden"

“Snowden” – a film review by Gary Chew The elephant in the screening room that sat in the back row wasn’t symbolic of the Republican Party as much as it was George Orwell. The metaphor just sat there quietly watching Oliver Stone’s latest film called [more…]

Sep 102016
 By , September 10, 2016
Snowden and Stone: An Intercontinental Conversation

An article about a film soon to open about Edward Snowden by Oliver Stone. Two people I would love to eavesdrop on in conversation at a nice, quiet bar somewhere are Edward Snowden and George Orwell. If that were possible, I would merely listen to [more…]