That’s the title of mega church pastor Greg Locke latest book… what’s next pastor? -kill em all – God’L sort em out?

Locke is “one degree” crazier than Amy Coney Barrett. Evangelicals who want to see US burn in their make-believe Hell.

Proselytizing didn’t work…SO … Locke will hack nonbelievers to deaf with his cross, while Amy drowns unwed Mothers in handmaiden bathwaters.

Lunatic Locke burns one degree hotter because -HE will actually kill people; HIS BOOK SAYS SO.

Greg’s Tennessee Church of crated ammunition is a TAX-EXEMPT powder keg of hate!

Locke’s church Armory- another Weirdo Satanic Cult- praying for war.

Liberal media is sound asleep.

Using tax dollars, Locke’s Church (and others like it) warehousing massive weapons, an audit would prove that.

National Church leadership has let “mad dawg Locke” off his chain, -(essentially sanctifying Murder in Jesus name).

Disguised as the faithful- prepared to kill people on holy crusades- Greg and Amy are WHITE SUPREMICISTS.

Tent revivals, lynch mobs, speaking in (Supreme Court) tongues- (welcome to their dark rages).

Anyone with a secular lightbulb can see what’s next, LOOK IT’S- (slick serpent handler) Roger Stone! Roger feverishly endorses Locke’s book.

War criminal insurrectionist traitors- really slither around.

Pardoned Felon Stone, doesn’t have a parole officer, so slithering to Hee-haw Tennessee, Willard war rooms, or Moscow with Vlad- are conveniently scheduled by pardoner Trump.

Stones ministry ordains fuses, bombs, and silencers onto sniper rifles… DON’T LOCKE NOW…
Greg Locke slithered RIOT into our Capital January 06.

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Signed: Glenn Jones