Swap Meet

The political stunt transferring unknowing illegal immigrants from Texas or Florida to Martha’s Vineyard may not be against most laws, but it seems like Human trafficking to me.
I would like to suggest a response in kind. Surely Massachusetts is incarcerating a number of non-violent offenders at a great cost per prisoner. How about granting those that agree pardons, conditional upon their not returning to the state, and boarding them on the private jets for return trips. The cost of welcoming, and sheltering each immigrant looking for safety, work or to move on surely can’t be as high as cost per prisoner.
Positive outcomes for all, for if Texas does not prove able to welcome and sustain the newly freed arriving with only the clothes on their backs the ex-cons can always revert to pickpocketing, burglary, and car theft. Besides, this influx of new blood could only improve the average intelligence level for the entire state.
Who knows? Maybe more blue states burdened with prison costs could run their own charters, and add a Florida destination as well. Swapping those who are an expense for those who want to contribute to our nations future sounds like a win win.

Fred Tilinski 

John Thomas
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