Texas Judge Andrea Bouressa-ALL RISE

Texas Judge Andrea Bouressa decided against disbarring FRAUDSTER Sidney Powell from practicing law before that hearing even started.

Powell was ENRONS corporate ATTORNEY- (Remember?) steal from the public- SLOP the SWINE.

A permanent BRAND they can’t HIDE- Horse thieves and swindlers.

Powell -no standards, truth or ethics. Stabbing anyone in the gristle- including law enforcement.

OUTLAWS selling fizzle- never a steak.

Permanently suspended from twitter for “coordinated, harmful activity”-Powell’s all Pew – no religion.

Jesus spoke with scorn about the self-righteous, malicious and vindictive.

This much is true…Jesus would have been murdered by Trump’s MAGA Traitors in our Capital.

Bouressa is smart enough to recognize a sociopathic mercenary, (yet never a Bo-peep)- that’s her- rewarding -fraud.

Could legal qualifications be any lower than FOX broadcasting acknowledging Powell is a serial LIAR?

Judge Bouressa trotted out the “steal nose ring” Governor Greg Abbott gave her in 2019.

Crooked Abbott told Dallas auctioneers “Bouressa could bring home the bacon”- (in fact she is the bacon)

Abbott inserted his ownership during a Collin County Christian prayer breakfast-“see that wasn’t too painful was it little girl”?

Bouressa “runner up” for FUTURE pork barrel professional misconduct.

Little Miss Conduct 2023.

Not disbarring Powell earned Bouressa a well-deserved “FAT on the head” from Qanon lunatic Christian evangelistic terrorists.

Insurrectionist Abbott knows- Bouressa will happily “stay slopped” in her corn-fed manger with an even bigger snout ring- JEST In case “Texas sized” hail reigns loose.

Know squealin gurlfiend! OK?

Good little piggy.

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Signed: Glenn Jones