FOX isn’t news, fair OR balanced.
FACTUAL reporting- needs to address how this “angertertainment company” portrays itself as such.
Rupert Murdoch spent six decades of his 91 years on earth banging war drums, igniting insurrections, and grifting Americans with deadly disinformation and slick propaganda.
where has the FCC been?
Why does it take lawsuits (by privately owned voting machine companies) to address Treason and propping up Trump’s false election lies.
Where are laws preventing this reoccurring nightmare- Dominion’s lawsuit- won’t sink FOX.
Mike Lyndell (pillow brains), Sidney Powell (vampire attorney) Steve Bannon (MAGA bomb thrower) –ARE still POISONING public air waves.
Another assault from Trump’s family of HATERS… MAGA insurrection never stopped -nobody of consequence is in jail- what sort of justice is this?
Fox being sued- isn’t even reported on their OWN (trash can) network.
ACTUAL DEATH and DISTRUCTION- mean nothing to Hannity, Ingraham’s or Carlson- it’s a big joke.
Average citizens don’t have leverage, real consequence can only be handed out by the Justice Department.
The Federalist Society franchise needs to be dismantled. Decades long monkey business.
As an Australian immigrant billionaire- (rabid monkey) Murdoch makes it clear- he has declared WAR on America, and so far, -HE has turned this place into his personal BANANA REPUBLICAN.

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