A hand out- not a hand up

PBS Frontline reporting.

The PBS documentary about Clarence Thomas and Ginni Thomas was a pathetic apologist tear jerker.

Could an entertainment executive for this GOP franchise- please send me a box of Kleenex.

I could wipe the insincerity out of my eyes like they do- with HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS.

Thomas lived a tough life… before attending Yale.

What happened after Clarence kissed Reagan’s ring? (I mean- the ring around massa Reagan’s ass)

Ginni survived a dysfunctional life (as privileged daughter) of John Burch conservatives… (so what).

Ginni got mixed up in “Life Springs” (a bizzarro cult) in DC – but she went on to marry a Supreme Court Justice, (OK -so what)?

Life Spring – young Christian adults- filming themselves (standing around) in underwear, having a pillow fights…(SO WHAT)?

No “RED FLAGS”, no bomb throwing… just-your basic, dysfunctional, -stupid people.

Clarence missed HIS chance to STEP UP TO THE PLATE- Once he became justice-

Thomas “could have” HIT home run Legacy.

UNFORTUNATELY- The only “plate” Clarence stepped up to -was some “golden trough”- at the foot of Federalist Society Billionaire Harland Crow.

No disrespect intended Boss Man, just wondering- “if Mr. Crow might need another butler”?

I guess- I could be his other white meat NIGGA,- (it’s got to be easier than unloading trucks).

Body doubling for Clarence- when he and Ginni are Yachting with Crow around exotic locations in the pacific.

-I could park Thomas’s happy camper at Walmart- call it- “affirmative action.”


– not a hand up!

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