Bridges falling

Mad Vlad’s bridges falling down.

MAGA Republicans- placed their bets on Putin.

DeSantis calls Russia’s invasion a “TERRITORIAL DISPUTE” (?)

Trump considers Vlad “A GENIUS” (?)

Failed Foxcaster Tucker Carlson- Cheerleader for fascism-


“VENGENCE, FIRE and BRIMSTONE spew out of Satan’s BIG mouth- (lobotomy laugh track included at no additional cost).

I suggest Trump, DeSantis, Fox News, Putin and their kleptocratic PALS headquarter up on the very top span of the Kirsch bridge.

It’s always safer at THE TOP.

This strategic outpost -(completed by Putin in 2018) -IS A “fascist lynch pin” for Oligarch’s who pinned their fortunes on Ukraine’s submission.

Everything WAS -so well planned in Helsinki, stab everyone in the back then- STEAL the WORLD.

Trump and Putin laid the groundwork -(election treason would keep Trump in office), -the Jan06 insurrection would seal that DEAL.

Federalist Society takeover of the Supreme Court and DISHONEST MAGA crooks “thought” they could depend on citizen’s submission… (IF ONLY democracy would just- LAY DOWN and TAKE IT.

A Ukrainian soldier spoke truth best- “there is SOMETHING WORSE THAN DEATH…living as a slave”

John Thomas
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