Ivanka Trump was repeatedly molested
By her father Donald who is incestuous,
Not to mention violent and micropenised.
Ivanka has not told her story publicly yet
Since she’s waiting for him to die is her bet
Ivanka will end up with Donald’s dirty money
Then she will finally tell the rest of the story
In which Ivanka will come across as whorey
With that fake breathy little girl voice of hers
To turn on her daddy Donald the sick pervert
Ivanka was blameless as an abused little girl
But this woman could’ve spared our world
From her fascist father’s lunatic presidency
All Ivanka ever cared about was the money.
Her husband Jared Kushner cashed in with the Saudis.
2 billion dollars will keep Jared Kushner quiet
While Donald Trump gets bent over and buggered at Club Fed for the Capitol riot!
Payback is a bitch, and just because he’s rich
Is no reason to think he’ll stay out of the clink
Trump has openly admitted his guilt too many times
All of it on video so the jury won’t buy his lies
Traitor Trump the Chump is 100% guilty, man
You wonder why Melania won’t hold his hand
She knows where Donald’s hand has been…
Just ask Ivanka –
Her daddy is touching her again.

Jake Pickering
Arcata, CA, USA

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Signed: Jake Pickering