Selling anti-Semitic tropes to the voters
Is nothing new in the United States at all
RFK, Jr.’s evil rhetoric makes me appalled
Obviously common sense skipped the son
RFK, Jr. is not like his father in any respect
Other than looking like him, Junior is a reject
Jr. is like his grandfather, racist to his core
Joe Kennedy was Ambassador to the U.K.
And told FDR not to fight the 2nd World War
Joe Kennedy was a criminal scumbag prick
And so is his grandson with a minuscule dick
No balls at all from anabolic steroid use 24-7
RFK, Jr. is a Nazi who is not going to Heaven.
Is he so confused from juicing all of the time?
RFK, Jr. sounds like he swallowed a landmine
Who can listen to that stupid asshole speak?
RFK, Jr. was the worst radio show host in DC
He’s not really running for president, y’know
RFK, Jr. just wants a right-wing radio show.
Where he can spew conspiracy theory crap
About how Jews have done this & done that
But not one word has Catholic freak RFK, Jr.
Ever said against pervert priests giving head
Now we know why RFK, Jr. is a Republican
Because he prefers to molest the too young
RFK, Jr. is an idiot who doesn’t have a clue
Blaming COVID-19 on the Chinese and Jews
RFK, Jr. is a neo-Nazi through and through!
He loves Hitler like Joe Kennedy did. It’s true.
RFK, Jr. can’t stop lying because he is paid to
He is Trump’s tool in the Democratic race
RFK, Jr. just wants a priest to sit on his face.
If you want a list of some of this creep’s lies,
Then click on the link below – RFK, Jr. is stupid and high:

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Jake Pickering
Arcata, CA, USA

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