Humor Times Launches Fundraiser to ‘Go National’

Fundraiser effort aimed at expanding readership

Hello, fans of the Humor Times: We’ve started a fundraiser on Indiegogo!

humor times fundraiser
September, 2011 cover of the Humor Times magazine.

Please help it go viral, by making even a small donation. We’re offering some great perks!

The more donations our fundraiser receives in the first couple days, the more visible Indiegogo will make our campaign.

We plan to use the money raised to promote the Humor Times monthly magazine nationally.

Right now, our fans and subscribers are very enthusiastic about the publication. But we’re not that well known nationally. We can grow and get a better financial footing with your help!

Just go to and you can check out the Indiegogo fundraiser. There’s no obligation for just looking!

If you can’t donate, please at least help us spread the word, by Tweeting, sharing on Facebook, emailing and talking to people you know who love political humor!

Thank you very much!

James Israel


Anniversary issue, fundraiser
The 21st Anniversary Issue, April, 2012. Depicted are the four presidents the Humor Times has covered through the years, celebrating and drinking beer, as the magazine had finally reached drinking age!

A short history of the Humor Times

The Humor Times began as a free advertising-based magazine in California’s capitol, Sacramento, in April, 1991. Over the years, the publication became an established fixture in the very political city, with a regular readership of over 120,000.

The Humor Times published its last widely circulated, free edition in December, 2007. As you may recall, the economy had started a free-fall, even before the big crash at the end of 2008. Because of the tight money, local advertisers began pulling their ads from everywhere, and since the small local monthly never could attract much corporate advertising, it was dependent on local business support. When that began to wane, our days of being a free publication were numbered.

So it was either convert to a paid circulation (subscription only) magazine, or go out of business. Naturally, we went with the subscription model. A couple thousand readers subscribed from our Sacramento base, and that, along with new subscriptions from those who have discovered us, has allowed us to just get by. But we need to grow to be sustainable.

Since the only source of revenue for the first 16 years was local advertising, it proved nearly impossible to expand distribution outside of the Sacramento area. However, because of intense reader interest in the Humor Times, and because of the success of the only other national publication of its kind (the Funny Times, out of Columbus, Ohio, which has over 75,000 subscribers), we believe it makes good sense to market the Humor Times nationally, and that such a campaign has the potential to make the paper quite profitable.

Therefore, we seek funding to expand the Humor Times, and begin a sustained national marketing campaign. Your support is needed, and is most welcome! Thank you!

Click here for more info on the Humor Times.

James Israel
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