Can the Left Build on its Momentum?

A lot of great things happened last night for the progressive left. Congrats… Now, let’s build on it!

Democrats and those on the left are celebrating today, more out of relief than anything, I think. Relieved that we didn’t elect a tax-dodging, job exporting, “extreme conservative/moderate/liberal” whose “convictions” seem to continually waver in the breeze, changing for every audience he speaks to.

Big bird to Romney

But, the hard work is only beginning. We’re in continual crisis mode in this day and age. To get past it, we must bear down.

Like the left did for FDR, citizens must remain engaged, and make it near impossible for Obama not to go be more progressive. With no re-election to worry about, this is an opportunity for that “hopey-changey” thing to get back on track.

Progressives must not be satisfied to slink off into their lives and wait for the next election.

We must work to preserve Social Security; expand Medicare; legalize cannabis in all its forms; legislate to rescind the Orwellianly-named ‘Citizens United‘ decision and institute publicly funded elections; reform voting laws, procedures and hardware — for real this time; go green and fund alternative energy; strengthen environmental laws; tax the rich (who ought to be proud to give back to the country that nourished them); launch a jobs programs modeled on FDR’s; regulate banks and Wall Street; punish corporate outsourcing with progressive taxes; etc, etc.

Oh yeah, and how about making Big Bird Chairman of the FCC?!

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