Curse of the Were-Donkey


It is often said that no one is ugly at closing time. Such evidently was the case for the Zimbabwe man who was arrested while having intimate relations with a donkey.

The man in question, one Sunday Moyo, was taken into custody when police on patrol discovered him merrily schtupping a donkey that was tied by the neck to a tree in his back yard at approximately 4 AM this Sunday.

When arraigned Mr. Moyo insisted that he had paid $20 for the services of a normal human prostitute at a local nightclub. “Your worship, I only came to know that I was being intimate with a donkey when I got arrested,” he claimed in court.

Moyo was charged with bestiality and ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation.

In America bestiality is illegal in thirty states…which of course means it is legal in twenty. Kansas recently repealed its law against bestiality. Florida, on the other hand, recently passed a law against it after two previous attempts had failed.

I am sure someone argued that it was just another case of  needless government intervention killing jobs.

Be seeing you.

Sources: huffingtonpost, newzimbabwe

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