Justifiable Karma

In the old testament it was ‘An eye for an eye’. In Jesus’ time the message was ‘Turn the other cheek’. So what do we have in our modern times as a guideline for our spiritual well-being? ‘Karma’ the New Age paths tell us. Every little nasty that you have ever done will come flying back at some time and whap you silly.

Of course, karma doesn’t necessarily have to be bad because every good thing you’ve done comes back too. So does that mean that if you walk up to a pretty girl on the street and kiss her that you’re going to get the same back? Probably not, but it might be worth trying.

What would life be like for some of the real dirty dogs that helped make our world such a miserable place if karma and reincarnation do exist? One would hope that they didn’t have the good fortune to come back as Paul McCartney’s son!

Here are a few ideas for truly justifiable karma for these louts:


Josef Stalin – To come back as a blind, intellectual snow remover in a Siberian gulag.

Nicolae Ceausecu – (The much despised dictator of Romania who built a bigger palace than Versailles while his people were some of the poorest in Europe and who was murdered by his own troops.)  The only proper karma for this creep would be to come back as an orphaned Romanian gypsy baby with Aids that no one will adopt.

Vladimir Putin – (Former Premier of Russia (and still its shadow commander) who learned the ruthless art of Soviet politics while working for the KGB) – To come back as a blind intellectual snow remover in a Siberian gulag who has been put through a mental institution by the secret police, given mild altering drugs and has been brain-washed into thinking that there is always snow on the ground.

Adolf Hitler (You know who he is) – To be born a black Jew in south Africa who gets mistakenly ‘neck-tied’ for being a snitch.

Saddam Hussein (You know who he is too.) To be shot out of a mile long ‘super-cannon’ towards Israel.

Fernando Marcos (Greedy Weasel and American political set up President of the Philippines who squeezed every peso that he could out of his people) – To have him polish for all eternity his wife Imelda’s shoes (which would take an eternity).

Enver Hoxha (Former dictator of Albania where for decades no one was allowed to leave or enter the country and only police were allowed to drive autos) – To have to survive making a living as an Albanian auto mechanic for ten lifetimes.

Osama bin Laden – To have to come back as a beautiful Islamic girl who is forced to marry a older, dirty, cruel, perverse greasy fat slob against her will.

Idi Amin (Former brutal tyrant of Uganda) – To be reborn as one of the 100 children that he sired from several wives and have to survive having a big goon like him as a father.

Mao Tse-Tung – To be a brainwashed Tibetan priest political prisoner who’s forced to work spreading human manure in rice fields.

Kim Il Sung (The incredibly materialistic ‘Big Brother’ of North Korea Who would rather let his people starve to death than open his borders). – To return as a thoroughly brainwashed Moonie selling flowers on the worst street corner in the Bronx.

‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier (Former dictator of Haiti who so raped his own country that as to make it one or the poorest lands on the earth). – To have a voodoo curse upon him that he will for lifetime after lifetime try to reach the U.S. by boat unsuccessfully and drowning.

Erich Honecker (The former President of East Germany who gave the orders to shoot to kill any one trying to escape from the country) – To become a homeless, landless outcast old man whose only choice of asylum is Chile (which is what really happened).

Emperor Hirohito (Ex ruler of Japan who launched viscous attacks on the U.S. and his Asian neighbors in World War II). – To reincarnate time and again as a test pilot for Kamikaze planes to see if they really do explode on contact.

Pol Pot (Ex tyrant of Cambodia who is responsible for the mass murder of 1/4 of his nations people.) – To sit through a whole lifetime of Communist indoctrination and not go completely batty.

Colonel Gaddafi – (Him you should know by now or you are really not paying attention) To be shot down in an airplane in life after life over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Roger Freed